Brush Calligraphy Worksheets, with feelings

I started making worksheets for handwriting two weeks into the community quarantine, and though the worksheets weren’t flawless, they were received with so much love. Handwriting has been something I’ve become way too fond of, and it makes me so happy knowing that there are people out there who are practicing, too! The handwriting worksheets were a daily thing, and then… tinamad ako. (Honest po tayo dito. Hahaha.)

Then I thought about making more worksheets, but I knew that I had to work on something else. I’ve posted about a teaser of the latest practice sheets I worked on, and I just feel like kailangan gawin kong big deal by posting a blog entry about it. (That sounds annoying, but if you’re reading this and you personally know me, dapat matawa ka ha.)

Tadaaaa! Brush calligraphy worksheets!

My plan for these worksheets is to publish sets that will have a theme and words from a to z. I’ve done three sets of words in all, and because I simply can’t stop myself from being, well… me, the sets have words with feelings.

I live by “if you’re going to write how strongly you feel about something, at least make it pretty”. I am quite aware that the worksheets are not safe for work, nor are they suitable for kids. I’ll make “safer” sets, okaaayyyy. For now though, should you choose to download, you will discover the joys of writing “f*ck off” in bouncy, flirty letters. All worksheets are meant to be traced on and the spaces for the letters are a bit big. It’s really designed that way to force your arm to move, as that is needed when writing, especially with a soft brush.

The practice sets can all be found in the here. I’m also using these worksheets to (hopefully) raise funds to extend more help to the causes I’ve been actively supporting since the start of the community quarantine. The worksheets are free for download, but a donation would be appreciated.

Sharing with you one of my personal favorites from the sets. Yes, there is a set with curse words from a to z. I had to borrow a few terms from other languages, and I hope I got them right. It was frustrating to research different course words ha. It’s a bit of a touchy subject, I guess, so it was a bit hard to find credible sources. I couldn’t think of anything for v and y, until I remembered one of our president’s favorite words.

Now go and check out the worksheets page and download and send some love!

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