ECQ, Season 3

To “mark” the extension of the community quarantine until May 15, I give you…

Covid-related worksheets! Since dapat, sabay tayo sa uso diba? 🙂 The worksheets have seven pages of a to z words that I deemed related to what we’re experiencing now. These are FREE for download and may also be shared with friends. Download the file below and let me know how your practice with it is, or if you have suggestions for themes for more worksheets! Do check out the other practice sets I’ve uploaded here.

I’m publishing these worksheets in the hopes that there’s someone out there who’ll feel less crazy while practicing with it, or at least they’ll be bothered by something other than the crisis. Yung crisis sa brush calligraphy naman ang poproblemahin, ganon! Again, do let me know if you have problems with the worksheets, so I can help you practice better. I feign human interaction by talking about calligraphy and handwriting more. Tulungan tayo. Kapit lang, diba?

Enjoy using the worksheets!

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