Let’s be pen pals!

”Pen pals” reveals my age, no? Heh.

So I have this “project” in mind, which I kinda need a bit of help with:

I’ll basically send “notes” to “friends”. Quotation marks are necessary because with notes, I really mean letters, and with friends I mean anyone who wants to get letters, really. Because of how things are right now, letters are going to be sent via email, and I’ll do this every Sunday. No, it’s not going to be a newsletter sort of thing, but it’s going to be a hi-hello-how are you-buhay ka pa ba-sort of letter. I’m doing this because 1) I miss people; 2) I’m having a hard time adjusting to and accepting things, but whenever I talk to people, I find it a bit comforting when I am reminded that I am not alone in all this and 3) I’ve been writing letters (to people, to self) in my notebook everyday, so might as well write ones that I’ll send, diba? 🙂

If you want to help me make this project come to life, leave your email address below so I can send a hello to you tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Let’s be pen pals!

  1. I love this idea!!! I wish we could send actual letters… hopefully when all goes back to normal again.🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 looking forward to my email from you!❤️


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