This week’s freebie: double letters brush calligraphy worksheets!

I held a couple of Brush & Brunch IG live sessions this week about double letters and as promised, the FREE worksheets are here!

It goes without saying that a bit of research was needed for this set, since I wanted to include words with combinations of letters that I know will prove to be useful as practice. There’s only 24 words in this set, as I did not include x and y. Bawi ako with the next set!

These may be printed on 8.5 x 11-inch or A4 paper, or you may also choose to just follow the samples and write on an old notebook. The worksheets may also be used with a tablet and a pen. Download the file below:

Do let me know if you like this set or not, or if it’s making you want to throw your brush away. I do recommend using a soft brush with these worksheets, as my modern brush hand is all about the soft brush. Enjoy the worksheets and stay tuned for more next week!

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