Pen Pals Wanted (Week Two)

I enjoyed sending out letters to friends last weekend, and I’m pretty determined to continue doing this shiz until I get tired of it, or until I’m unable to find the time to slow down on a Sunday to send out letters, whichever comes first. (Akala mo namaaan!)


Of course I had to put “week two”, for what, I don’t exactly know why. Last week’s letters to friends was all about magic and how it’s just in all of us, we just have to embrace and recognize it. This is, of course, still related to what I wrote about taking my Mondays back. I am so excited to share snippets from some things I’ve read this week and if you’d like to indulge me and be my pen pal, do leave your email address below! I’ll add the new email addresses that I’ll get this week to the ones that I already have 🙂

Hope I’ll get more pen pals this weekend!

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