Hi, hello, hinga!

Helloooooooo—buhay pa ‘ko! (Not that anyone cares, haha!) Work kind of took over the past few weeks, which is good, all things considered, diba? The thing about taking breaks for me is that it always seamlessly happens and my lezzzgow lezzzdodizzz nature always, always succumbs to the joys of having space… for air.

I originally wanted to make this post madrama, just as I always do, but parang hindi bagay! Have you ever gotten a random “hello” from a friend this covid season and it felt so darn good? Consider this my hello and how are you for anyone who’s stumbled across this site today. If you feel tired from how the days have been lately, yet you feel bad about “taking a break” since you’re just technically at home—go, breathe!

And don’t feel bad about it!

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