On Beginner Pens

“What’s a good pen that a beginner can buy?” is probably something that I always get asked every week, and it makes me happy every time I get a message like that—for it means that people are curious, and people are trying. That means more potential pen geeks, so I always count that as a… Read more “On Beginner Pens”

Hi, hello, hinga!

Helloooooooo—buhay pa ‘ko! (Not that anyone cares, haha!) Work kind of took over the past few weeks, which is good, all things considered, diba? The thing about taking breaks for me is that it always seamlessly happens and my lezzzgow lezzzdodizzz nature always, always succumbs to the joys of having space… for air. I originally… Read more “Hi, hello, hinga!”

Pen Pals Wanted (Week Two)

I enjoyed sending out letters to friends last weekend, and I’m pretty determined to continue doing this shiz until I get tired of it, or until I’m unable to find the time to slow down on a Sunday to send out letters, whichever comes first. (Akala mo namaaan!) Of course I had to put “week… Read more “Pen Pals Wanted (Week Two)”

I Took My Mondays Back

Seven (??!) weeks into the community quarantine, I put my foot down and told myself: take your Mondays back. Context: I have work on most weekends, and I’ve come to enjoy it. I “slow down” on Monday mornings. It’s a bit comforting to think that I’m not one with the rest of the world who’s… Read more “I Took My Mondays Back”

Let’s be pen pals!

”Pen pals” reveals my age, no? Heh. So I have this “project” in mind, which I kinda need a bit of help with: I’ll basically send “notes” to “friends”. Quotation marks are necessary because with notes, I really mean letters, and with friends I mean anyone who wants to get letters, really. Because of how… Read more “Let’s be pen pals!”